By Jacqui Janse van Rensburg who has lived in Johannesburg all her life. In her 42 years she has been a daughter, a sister, a wife, a girlfriend, an employee and is a CFO, but at last she can celebrate being a MOMMY! You can find her on twitter @JaxJvR

Saturday I got some time out from being MOMMY! for a few hours! My bestie, Lynne, had her birthday brunch in the gardens at Broadacres in Fourways! How awesome to sit with such fantastic women, we laughed, giggled, gossiped, even cried a little, then laughed some more!

It amazes me that at this time in my life I have managed to surround myself with such dynamic women! Women who are just so fabulous that I honestly WANT to spend my morning chatting to them. And we are so different. Some are married with no kids, some are married with 2 kids, already grown up and out of home, and some are divorced and still hunting Mr Right, some are dating Mr Right Now. But all are comfortable to be who they are.



Sunday I dragged my bored husband around the shops, looking for new shoes for my baby boy, and once again, I am reminded about how quickly he is growing up. I grabbed a pair of shoes off the shelf, thinking they were huge, and should last at least 6 months. Got home and wrote his name in them, ready for school this morning. But much to my horror, I could not even squeeze them on his rather alarmingly large feet! At 2 years old he is wearing shoes that would fit his cousin, who will be turning 4 in July! oh dear!

Which day did I enjoy most this weekend? Being the Girl-out-on-the-town, swilling back champagne and orange juice, or pulling a pre-teen, bored husband, and tantrum toddler around the shops? Well, I’ll leave that one to you to answer.

I will end off saying, God bless my bed! it is heaven on earth!

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