Laura3-150x150by Laura-kim, single mom, recently divorced with 2 kids and the author of the blog Harrassed Mom

On Saturday I was reminded of the ugly side of human beings.

The kids and I attended the Wet Nose Fun Day. The Wet Nose is a right to life organization that cares for injured, abused and forgotten animals. It was founded in 1999 by Tracy Forte. They are currently situated in Cullinan on a large plot.

The morning was fun. People got to “adopt” a dog for the day and walk around the plot with the dogs. There were a few of the animals though, who wouldn’t even come out of the kennels they were so scared of people. It was heartbreaking to see. There was a border collie sitting deep in the back of her kennel. A lady entered her cage and tried to get her to come out. Over an hour later when we walked past again she had managed to get her out but you could see the collie still wasn’t happy with the rest of us around.

There was a little show by a woman who houses 10 rescued dogs she trains. They are now stars of TV adverts and the like. It was a very sweet little show. The kids seemed to enjoy it.


There were so many dogs. Small ones, big ones, fat ones – all kinds. Each one has a story. A sad story. A story of abuse or neglect. Of pain and suffering. It made me sad to think that we still have so many people in my area alone who think its ok to inflict pain onto another living being.

Three years ago I dropped a puppy off at the Wet Nose. He was not abused or neglected but he was unwanted. The kid’s father had dropped them at home one Sunday with this puppy in tow. We already had 2 large dogs and were living in my parent’s house. There was no way we could keep him. So off I went, on my own and dropped this little puppy off. It broke my heart to leave him there knowing that this was the direct result of a decision grown up people had made.

These animals are loved though. They all look healthy and cared for. They are loved. So while it did remind me of the dark side of human beings it also showed the awesome-ness of people. The commitment and dedication of people to a cause they believe in.

If you are looking for a new dog – I would highly recommend getting them from the Wet Nose. All they need is a little bit of love!

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