Connect with students, parents, educators and a variety of home learning, online schooling and educational support material providers, from the comfort of your home.

WHEN: 1 – 3 Dec 2020
TIME: 4:15pm – 7:45pm (various programmes)
REGISTRATION: FREE registration as an attendee

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International Virtual Education Expo

Why a Virtual Expo? 

The pandemic has forced the world to evolve and change the way we work and learn. The International Virtual Education Expo answers your questions and lends a guiding hand for those new to online and home schooling, and those looking to explore new services.

Should you attend?

Are you new to Online Schooling and Home learning?
If you are considering home learning or online schooling for the first time, the expo offers talks and presentations guiding you through various aspects of online schooling and home learning. You will leave well informed and with all the guidance you need!

Have you been home learning or online schooling but wish to see what is new in the market?
The EXPO will provide you with an opportunity to understand how the sector has transformed and what is currently possible. You will be able to compare your current context with the wealth of new ideas that new and existing providers have brought to the sector.

Should you exhibit?

Are you a provider of home learning, online schooling, and educational support material?

Communication with visitors is live and interactive in real time.

The event is free for attendees.

An exciting line up of speakers.

Targeted ads online and on social media.

A complete list of attendees is provided post the expo.

How will the International Virtual Education Expo work?

The expo is  hosted by IVA Global School’s 3D Virtual world. Being online, the reach is extended to the market in the whole of South Africa. Every attendee and exhibitor will be an avatar, making this an exciting new approach to virtual expos.

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