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We all know the importance of vaccinating our children and it has been proven over and over again that it is the responsible thing to do. When the vaccines are costly and required every month when a baby is born, it can be very difficult for new parents to do the right thing. Government clinics are often the only answer but, have you ever tried waiting in a four hour-long queue with an eight week old? It is impossible. Babies screaming, sick people coughing in tight, cramped conditions. This is where the Umhlanga mobile clinic comes in.

Situated under a big shady tree, just across from Wakaberry in Umhlanga Rocks, the mobile clinic is a godsend. The friendly staff members are always efficient and polite. We recently took two babies there for their one-year immunizations. We got there early expecting a long wait but we were both back in the car (and by in the car I mean eating frozen yogurt at Wakaberry across the road) within half an hour. The babies barely cried as the sister who did the injection was kind and gentle with them, spoke to them and knew how to do her job. We were not rushed out and hurried along, and while we did umhlanga clinicwait for a few minutes to get started, we sat outside in the fresh air and chatted to a group of people waiting patiently for their turn. The injections are free and the sister knows exactly what she is doing. She will also discuss any concerns you have and give professional, knowledgeable advice.

The only downside is that the clinic does not weigh the baby (although they may do this with smaller babies, I am not sure!) or do a well baby check as clinics such as the Storks Nest do. To me, this wasn’t a big concern as I take my baby for regular weight-ins and feel that the government clinic is busy enough without adding on an extra 15 minutes of checks.

Overall, I was thrilled to have found this hidden gem, and will definitely be taking my baby there for all her future injections. When you go, all you need is your clinic card,that you received from the hospital when baby was born. You can find the Umhlanga Mobile Clinic in the open land across from the Wakaberry on Lagoon drive in Umhlanga.

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