By Belinda Mountain, web copywriter , newbie mommy blogger and mother to toddler Rachel (with another bun in the oven). You can also follow her on Twitter @BelindaMountain

Friends of mine without kids love to be smug and berate the screaming child on their flight.  One even posted recently on Facebook that “People with young children shouldn’t be allowed on commercial flights”.  My response : People without a freaking clue shouldn’t be let on to the plane either. Please pack your ignorance into your carry-on only luggage and stay at home.

While I appreciate that there are selfish parents who do little to nothing to control their kids, there are some of us who try their absolute hardest to make the flight bearable for those around us. We pack all the right equipment (toys, snacks, juice, books, iPad), we painstakingly time the flights (so they don’t go over any nap or meal times) and we spend the hours you spend leisurely sipping on your wine trying to constantly entertain our little ones, so that they don’t irritate anyone else.

We apologise profusely to the lady in front of us who gets the hair clip grabbed out of her hair, and to the man with the shiny gold watch next to us who keeps having it pawed by grubby little fingers. We don’t have time to go to the loo. We don’t have time to order a drink (for fear of it getting spilled), and we never ever relax. And while I know it was our choice to bring children into the world, this doesn’t mean that we chose never to leave the house. So please, let us go on holiday and fly without your judgement.



The other thing I never realised before having children was How Much Stuff They Have. When going on holiday with a small child, you need, at a very basic level, to take along three huge pieces of equipment (camp cot, pram and car seat), as well as multiple changes of tiny clothes, a suitcase full of nappies and various favourite stuffed animals. This leaves about enough space for your toothbrush, some underwear and a clean shirt. Needless to say that you don’t spend your time away looking very groomed or very stylish.

But while getting to and from the holiday can put you on edge, it’s all worth it in the end. After an exhausting road trip or a hectic flight, your reward is some time away with the people you love. Wherever you’re planning on spending your December break this year, whether it’s home or away, here’s wishing you a safe, special and stress-free holiday.

Photo taken by Robyn Rose Photography

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