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I’ve just spent almost a week without my kids at home for the first time ever. And I’m sure you’ve guessed it – it’s been quiet, relaxing and restful. Who knew I was actually that tired that I managed to sleep for almost 16 straight hours! Obviously I didn’t realise just how much energy and time our kids take each day. Now this is not a complaint at all. I am really missing them all, the first day was rather lonely and I kept hearing someone call “mama” randomly every now and then!

This is the first time that they are away on a holiday with their grandparents. I think it does parents good to have some time out now and then – just to reconnect, reenergise and most importantly, to appreciate their kids more when they are around. We get so caught up in the daily admin of it all – the rushing around, the play dates, extra murals, homework, school, assignments… it literally never ends. I find myself starting to lecture the poor souls about how much I do for them and with them, how much is invested in their futures and how much I care for them at my own expense. (I know, that’s a horrible thing to do but I bet all my premature grey hairs on my neglected, uncoloured head that all mums do that!)

I had some grand plans – movies, suppers out with my husband, maybe a massage or some kind of treatment for us… Reading all the books I’ve accumulated and never read. And guess what? I did none of that. Well maybe some of it because I definitely wasn’t going to cook while I was having a fabulous kid-free week! In fact all I did was relax at home, tidy up some things that always seem to get left out and that was it. I am usually a person who prefers to stay home and have quiet time so this suited me just fine.


Aside from all the perks of being home alone, what really made my heart happy was hearing how well-behaved my kids are. That they actually looked after their own belongings (I’ll have to check their bags when they’re back for confirmation on this), spoke nicely to each other and were in fact kind and caring to one and another. That’s got to be the best part of it all – knowing that after all, when your kids are entrusted to someone else, that they are in fact a pleasure to have and be around. They have been thoroughly spoilt too – beach days, sightseeing, lots of yummy treats and food… I think it works out well for all of us – parents, grandparents and the kids too. Kids spending time with their grandparents gives them a different kind of nurturing and love – it’s unconditional in a special kind of way. They learn so much as well because grandparents seem to have so much more patience and understanding with them.

So while I didn’t get to that massage or the movies, I’m glad I had a bit of time out. I feel like missing them has renewed my affection for my kids in a whole different way…

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