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by Di Kendall  who believes that the most important &  fulfilling “job” she has is being a mom of 2.  When she isn’t being mom’s taxi, she tackles networking and design for clients. She writes a blog  & for News24 Voices 

I have been thinking recently about how my relationship with my mother has changed over the years.

As a little girl she was my everything, she played the role of both mom and dad and with a lot of love and encouragement from my Gran.

Life certainly threw us a few curve balls and our bond grew. My mom fought off bullies; nursed my broken heart when boys entered the picture and guided me through the meanders of life into adulthood.

The two of us were a team who stood by each other’s sides when times were tough. We loved each other, butted heads and had each other seeing red at times too.

Mom and granchildren

Mom and granchildren

I can’t say that we have had a perfect relationship. I can say that even though we’ve had moments in our lives that could tear apart the toughest people, we always find our way back to each other. The bond we formed when I was little is so strong that no abuser, no malicious or demanding outsiders can break it. I sometimes think that the tougher the moments are that you endure together the stronger your bond becomes.

When I became a mother I realised that the love you have for your children is incomprehensible. No one can fathom the depths that are a mother’s love.

I have seen so many moms say that when they became mothers they lost themselves. To me it is not that way. You don’t lose yourself by becoming a mother. You become a new being – a greater creation – because you have another living being that relies on you. Whatever your talents are – are already engrained in their DNA.

7  things I take away from my relationship with my mom:

  • You mould your children into who they want to be.
  • You leave them with enough room to grow.
  • Always speak to your children, tell them about life, when they go out in to the world they will have priceless knowledge leading them on a path to great things.
  • Every child is special; it is only their talents that differ.
  • Feed their minds, bodies and souls before feeding your own.
  • Having a spiritual life is as important as brushing your teeth every morning.
  • Life is not a bed of roses, but if you make the best out of every situation you will come out better and stronger than before.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Thank you for moulding me into the person who I am today. For letting me see the value in the small things, for encouraging me, and for telling me even now that you are proud of me. Its moments like that that make me proud of myself.

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