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We were 3 adults and 6 children ranging in age from 2 to 7 years old, both boys and girls. (yes me and my friends have many many children).

It really is a cheap way to spend the morning and the kids seem to enjoy it. It was R80 for 2 adults and 5 children (including the 2 year old). Which really is very reasonable.

It isn’t a huge museum and is probably a little outdated but really not much changes about the history of dinosaurs or the food chain so I suppose there is no real need to update the way it all looks.

There is a fair amount of interaction in some of the exhibits. The children get to press buttons and lights shine up or noises are made. The winner was the spitting cobra that spits out water – like a huge snake shaped water gun.


Even though a lot did pass the smaller two by they didn’t get bored and almost seemed to enjoy it more than the older bunch.

They have 4 halls of exhibits – two upstairs – The Hall of Life and The Mammal Hall that house the dinosaurs and other animals. They have a lovely exhibit of the ape men. It is very life like and probably the part I enjoyed the most. Then there is one in the middle floor which is the Geoscience Museum and the one Cameron enjoys the most. It has a large collection of semi precious stones and other rocks. There is even some Moon Rock there that was presented to us by Richard Nixon.

The hall downstairs is the Austin Roberts Bird Hall – which obviously consists of birds – many many birds.


It was a lovely morning. The kids had fun and they do actually get something educational out of it and never seem to tire of it. My kids have been twice now and we saw stuff this time we didn’t notice the last time!

Remember it next time it’s a rainy day!

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