The Princess and the Dragon: transport your children into a magical wonderland with Princess Barbara 

This charming animation will transport you into a magical and mystical wonderland with enchanting dragons and fantastical creatures. This is truly a beautiful story that will captivate your little ones and take them on an exciting, fairy tale journey.

The Princess and the Dragon was put together by Vasiliy Rovenskiy who also brought us Two Tails, Big Trip and Enchanted Princess, and was brought to life by Director, Marina Nefedova. 


While wandering around the secret chambers of the castle on her 7th birthday, Princess Barbara finds a mysterious magic book which, when opened, transports her into a wonderland full of dragons, colourful creatures, and gnomes. Here, buds the specials friendship between The Princess and The Dragon.

The excitement mounts as Princess Barbara and her best friend and friendly dragon, Dragosha, go on a special adventure to find a mirror that can connect her to her friends in a faraway place. During her adventures, Princess Barbara finds out that there is a secret mirror in her castle that was hidden by King Alister’s evil advisor, and can connect her with her mother, who left her and King Alister when she was just a baby. Be sure to get to your local cinema to find out how the story unfolds…

The Princess and the Dragon opens in cinemas, nationwide on 22 February 2019.

Classification: PG
Running time: 90 min

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