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Our daughter is almost 20 months old, and a major milestone in our family was when she developed an interest in Lego. Some parents get excited about their child being able to ride a scooter or draw a picture or eat with a fork – for us, it was Lego.

Granted, she’s still busy with the big Lego, called Duplo, but we’re all having a ball. She’s constantly asking to ‘build a tower, mommy’. Her daddy is in heaven. And so I was super-chuffed to see that Lego publishes nice big books as well.

The Official Lego Annual 2013 starts out very cool, featuring on its cover a plastic window that has ‘2013’ spelled out in Lego pieces. Inside are stories, activities and sections with different themes, like policemen, firemen, ambulance drivers, pilots, ninjas, warriors, etc. There are puzzles, word searches, spot-the-difference challenges and true or false questions, and every now and then there’s a comic strip.

It’s all bright and busy, with lots to do and loads of little details to come back to.

However, I have two problems with the Annual.

One is that, in parts, it appears to highlight violent behaviour: there are lots of weapons, a prison break, nasty baddies, dangerous missions, etc. (but I could be completely out of touch with what’s involved in entertaining a five-year-old, given that 5+ is the recommended age for this book).

The other is that little girls like Lego too, but there is little in this book that my daughter would love – barring some fun references to emoticons, doctors and Red Riding Hood. Again, I may expect too much.

Bottom line? If you have or know a little boy who is Lego-obsessed and knows all about Ninjago, the Masters of Spinjitzu and the Hero Factory, the Annual is a must.

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