Review by Shannon Walbran-Niebuhr, our DIY Kids columnist and a mommy blogger.  She attended the Gilan Gork show as a guest of the Lyric Theatre.

With a healthy dose of rational skepticism, a friend and I attended the performance of Gilan Gork, mentalist and “spoon bender” at the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City Casino.  The theatre was packed with enthusiastic guests, and Gork made the most of the audience, inviting them up on stage in a perfectly random way by throwing a beach ball into the crowd — whoever catches it comes up. Luckily, we sat far away in the back.

He has an excellent stage manner: friendly, personable, serious when the moment calls for it.  I felt myself drawn into his charisma, although I was still holding back my belief …

… until he did a session with a young woman in which he led her into a dream state.  Without her saying a word, he “listened” to her dream.  When she emerged from her light hypnotic state, he asked, “You were reaching out to someone who had passed away — a male, a cousin, who is now late, named, is it, Paulo?”

My friend and I looked at each other in shock.  “Paulo?”  That’s not the first name you’d guess!  The subject wiped away a tear and said yes, that’s exactly the person she had contacted.

Gork had me from then, and I loved the spoon-bending.  We could actually see the spoon moving and twisting in his open hand.

According to the Lyric, this show is not suitable for under-3’s.  However, I would not recommend it for anyone from 4 to 10 years old, as there are flashing lights and loud noises and spooky video inserts.  For a teenager, it would be a thrill and a great topic of conversation afterward – “How did he DO that?”

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