by Bheki Khoza-Mabona, Uj communications student who loves nature and has a passion for writing and composing poetry. Find him on  twitter @TheRealBheki

The love of a mother never perishes…

It’s been five years, 11 months since I last saw your face and with each passing day I remember the love we once shared, the times I looked into your face and shared a joke with you. With you time was precious and moments shared were always recreated and re-invented.

You chose me and I chose you back, back in 1987 on the 22nd of February (The month of love).  You gave me life, you natured me into a son, without a man in the house, a father figure to guide me.  You never disappointed but made me a boy amongst others. You  taught me important life lessons that looking back now, I see  and still feel you  right beside me. Your love for me still lingers in everything I touch.

You loved me before you saw me, you took care of me before somebody else could help you look after me. How can I now not honour your legacy.  How can I make you proud?

I know I made you proud  as the first of your  8 children to see the doors of a university,  when I was selected student of the year at High school and read  my poetry at school gatherings.  Now I’m on my way to getting my  university degree and  know I am still making you proud.

Grace Cynthia Mhlanga you are the superhero and will always be the guide in my life. Thank  you for instilling the foundations of listening and understanding with the knowlege that  I was loved by a woman who left me and my siblings too soon. Your love  love and lessons remain to guide us in the present  and into the future!

P.S. This blurry photo of my mom with my siblings is the only one I still have in my album.

My mom was 54 when she died.  She was a domestic helper, she was a very strong willed women, loved church, had 8 kids (2 boys and 6 girls) who she raised in a 4 bed roomed house. She was a  Christian and loved her kids regardless of what we all turned out to be.

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