By Dr Ridhaa Jawitz who currently works as an Intern Doctor at Khayelitsha District Hospital in Cape Town. Last week we published his story entitled Covid is real… A young doctor’s plea during the 2nd Wave

So… the story continues…

I was called last night to break the news to family that their family member (+- 65year old man) has just died after testing positive for Covid. He presented to hospital the night before, needing oxygen support, and now he has passed away… but wait, it gets worse…

This man who passed away:
1) His wife died from COVID in early October..
2) His eldest son died from COVID in late October..
3) His youngest son died from COVID 2 weeks ago…

He came into hospital the night before, with his middle son, both COVID, both requiring oxygen. Now this son is the only member of the household left behind…

I called this man’s daughter-in-law in to hospital (the wife of the eldest son who also died) to break the bad news and she brought his 2 younger sisters with.

They told me they had just held a memorial service for the younger son earlier that same day…

Can you even imagine what this family has been through…?

After they left, I found out that the son is actually in the same ward as him, but a different room.
However, because of his condition and the hospital rules, he can’t even go see his father to say his last goodbyes…

The most heartbreaking moment was telling the son the news, seeing him look at me with a blank expression, looking defeated, and hearing him say:

“So I’m the last one left…”

What do you even say to that?? This man is in his early 40s and he has lost his mother, his older brother, his younger brother and now his father…in the space of a few months…all to COVID…

So PLEASE, I am begging you again.

While our country experiences this second wave that is reaching daily numbers much worse than the first wave. And our hospitals are filled to beyond capacity.

Think about your family during this “festive” period.
Appreciate the time you have with them, but most importantly:

Protect them,
because you are the frontline now

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Covid's 2nd wave claims victims

Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash


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