Nicky-and-me-at-Wimpy By Heather Step, a stay at home mom to Nicholas. After enduring 5 yrs of infertility he was totally worth the wait! When she isn’t following him around she likes blogging at  One step at a time  and a new directory SA mom blogs

Winter holidays are here and a great venue to take the kids to is the Montecasino Bird Gardens. We took advantage of my father visiting and decided to take my (just turned) two year old along.

I was in two minds whether to take the stroller or not, but in the end I was glad that I did. Little ones get tired of walking and adults get tired of carrying! There are, however, sections (e.g. the netted part in the middle where certain birds and animals are kept) where there are stairs and I was grateful to have two men with me to assist. Otherwise the rest of the park has great pathways. For the actual “Flight of Fantasy” show they request that you leave your stroller at the back or have it next to you.

Initially when we got there I could see Nicky was a bit scared of the big birds, but when we got to the lemurs, he absolutely loved them. I think the way they played together reminded him of our dogs and he thought this was hilarious.stroller

He also enjoyed the parrots.

We then went to the netted area and saw more animals and birds, including fish and bats.

When it was time for the show to start,  we sat right at the back to be near to the stroller. I enjoyed watching Nicky who found it difficult to see some of the birds but enjoyed watching the balloon going up and down behind the stage, and clapping at the relevant moments.

We continued to look at various birds. The stroller also helped me feel safer with Nicky, as the signs all around tell you to take care of biting birds.

We then had  lunch at the tea garden which also has a jungle gym designed for older children but I  could help Nicky up and slide down with him. The restaurant has cute little kiddies benches and tables, one of which the waiter very kindly moved closer to our table so he  could eat with us.

All in all, a fabulous place for both adults and kids to spend the day these holidays.

Click here for more information about the Montecasino Bird Garden and their holiday programs

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