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This movie is the most delightful animated fantasy thriller I’ve seen in a long while.

The movie begins with Tad Jones working on a construction site. He has a pile of books on Archaeology and his dog with him, and while he is eating his lunch, he receives a call from Sara Lavrof, an old friend and respected archaeologist and explorer.

Sara has discovered the final clue that proves the existence of the necklace of King Midas, and she is calling to invite Tad to her presentation in Las Vegas. Tad has been smitten with Sara forever, and he accepts her invitation, hoping she will become his girlfriend.

Just as he is about to set out on his trip to Vegas, the most hilarious “mummy” arrives at his home. He has been banished from his Inca City and insists on traveling with Tad and his dog, Jeff, to Vegas.

Tad arrives in Vegas and before he can ask Sara to be his girlfriend, she is kidnapped by Jack Radham, a ruthless millionaire who wants Sara to help him find the three pieces that make up the Midas necklace, so he can acquire the power of turning everything he touches to gold, as Midas did.

Tad enlists the help of one of Sara’s students, named Tiffany, and together with Jeff, Mummy and Sara’s pet bird, Belzoni, they set out to rescue Sara. Their journey takes them around the world on a hilarious and thrilling adventure.

Old and young will love this movie. I’m definitely going to take my grandson to see it!

The movie was directed by David Alonso and Enrique Gato, and released by Paramount Pictures.

Grab the kids and some popcorn and head for the movies!

Tad releases on Friday 09 February 2018, at cinemas countrywide, and is classified PG 7-9.

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