by Sally-Ann Chalmers , mom to  two gardening angels Rowan (7) and Shannon(4)  who enjoy eating the vegetables they grow in their veggie patch.  She offers Little Green Fingers as an extra mural at nursery/primary schools,call her for a free demo or visit her website

Its finally here…….SPRING YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!

Get those sun hats and that suntan lotion on, grab the kids and head outside into the garden for some good wholesome fun in the sun!

Why not try out a few of our Little Green Fingers activities. Get the kids outdoors exploring and discovering nature away from the television. Gardening is an exciting and engaging activity for children which teaches them patience, responsibility and self confidence.  It also involves the whole family and doesn’t cost a lot either.

Dinosaur or Fairy Worlds

You will need:

  • a flat plastic tray about 200mm x 200mm x70mm.
  • potting soil
  • small stones for drainage &  bigger stones to decorate
  • 3 x  plants varying in size from a ground cover,  bushy leafy middle height plant and a “treelike” plant, use different colours and leaf shapes.
  • Toy dinosaurs, army men, trucks, cars, fairies, kittens etc

1. Start by placing a layer of small stones in the base of your tray .
2. The kids fill up their trays with potting soil, using their hands, the dirtier the better.
3. They place the 3 different sized plants in the tray to create their foliage, using their peter pointer finger to make the holes to place the roots in.
4. Get them to use their imaginations to create a little scene in their trays. They can add toys, create a pond with a shallow lid filled with water plus rocks to make it look real.

Mr Grass Head

The kids love this and its really easy to make. It teaches them responsibility because they have to give it water, sun and loads of love. As a reward they can give him a “haircut” or put a“ribbon or bows in her hair”

You will need:

  • Old stocking cut to 230mm long , open both ends.
  • Sawdust  -find at  Builders Warehouse in cutting departmt for free.
  • Shade grass seeds – any nursery has them
  • Elastic bands, wobbly eyes, glue.

1. Take stocking and tie a  knot at one end.
2. Turn the stocking inside out and fill it with  2 teaspoonfuls of seeds and sawdust.
3. Knot the open end of the stocking.
4. Make sure the seeds are the top of his head where you will create a face.
5. Use elastics & bunches of sawdust to create the nose and ears and stick on wobbly eyes.
6. Place in a tray of water to soak and wait 2 weeks for  the “hair” to grow.

And finally, how about taking the kids to the nursery, have fun picking out vegetable seedlings and planting them together as a family.

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