by Heike Taschner,  foodie, fond gardener, loves spending  time with her 4 yr old in the garden, making large sculptures and cooking home grown veggies. Owner of Spiced Coffee Restaurant at Ludwig’s Roses

When I think of Spring, I see little shoots, red and soft, peeping from each pruned rose bush;  fresh little leaves forming, getting ready to spread out and soak up the sun rays.  I count the few days left until the farm BURSTS with colour, exhibiting fields of blooming roses.

I see the Egyptian ducks returning to the dams and shortly after, feathery little ducklings swimming in rows behind their mommy Jemimah duck.  The veld grass turns green again and the horses are let free to roam.  Butterflies emerge and are symbolic of the lightness and joy that Spring brings with it.

As a child I remember getting up with ease to go to school when Spring returned. I fondly reminisce about our school Spring Day festival and my father making us the most magnificent rose garland haloes. I remember friends being envious of the rose crown, not knowing how heavy it was to wear, and teachers hoping that they were the favourite who would receive the halo as a gift after the festival.

Today I made a boutonnière for my son to wear to the kindergarten Spring Day. He proudly wore his bright orange rose pinned through his shirt button hole. We have also planted some seeds in a mini hot house on our window sill and we look closely each day if one or two of them have sprouted.  Alexander helped mix in some compost and peanut shells into our new garden beddings and chose colourful perennial plants at a nursery close by.  We also made sure to pick some plants that attract butterflies to the garden.

During the cold Winter my 4 year old and I kept ourselves busy indoors with creative projects -pasting and painting, cutting and gluing, reading and colouring. Now that it is warmer and Summer is on our doorstep he spends hours outdoors, riding bicycle with his dad; swinging, playing hide-and-  seek with his friends. He also had his first swimming lesson of the season.

The time of warm soups and stews is over, making way for experimenting with home grown veggies and herbs. The warm, Spring days also lend themselves to taking the family on an occasional weekend trip to an animal farm, park or to the zoo to learn something new.

Pack a picnic basket, your hat and some sun block and enjoy a day relaxing and watching Spring unfold.

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