by Kirsty Marais,  a fulltime mom to daughters Keira (3.5) & Gabby (2), devoted wife to husband Etienne, a true gaming addict. Read her everyday challenges raising daughters only 18 months apart, & the often frustrating but always rewarding journey of being a mom.

Now, before every mom starts bombarding me asking why I took the girls to the mall in the first place, we were supposed to meet my husband there, so it wasn’t supposed to be a 1 to 2 ratio, but a 1 to 1. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Etienne needs to have his pants made shorter but obviously this is an impossible task for a man to do by himself. Hence, the girls & I meeting him there. But, as usual, Etienne’s 10 minutes & my 10 minutes vary by about 20 minutes! So I get to the mall already frustrated that he is only now leaving the office. Ok, fine, let me go to Woolies first & buy the few groceries I need.
Keira, “I need to make a poo.”
Me, “Seriously?! You just had a poo, do you have to make another poo?”
Ok, into Woolies to get a trolley to put the girls in cause there’s no way I’m running after the two of them. Off to the loo on the other side of the mall. And, as expected, Keira didn’t have to poo after all *angry face*. There is some sort of novelty about using different toilets for my dear Keira.

Ok, back to Woolies to grab those groceries. Gabby refuses to climb into the trolley so now I’m pushing an empty trolley and running after the kids *angrier face*. Gabby runs flat bang into a display at Woolies & immediately there’s a bump the size of an egg on her head *fuming face*. If you had just listened to me in the first place, you wouldn’t have hit your head! Ok, eventually console Gabby enough to finish my shopping.

Finally Etienne arrives, off we go to Edgars to get his pants shortened. All of 5 minutes later we’ve finished the undoable task… Etienne goes to check out the Xbox games & considering both girls are relatively quiet in the trolley I decide to pop into Ackermans to look for a baby shower gift for myfriend. While I’m trying to find something suitable, the girls manage to tip the trolley over sideways and pull the entire rack with all the bottles & teats & dummies etc over on top of them.

Besides dying of embarrassment at what my children have managed to accomplish, I have to try to console 2 crying children, pick up the trolley & the groceries, and clean up the bottles etc lying everywhere. One word: MORTIFIED! Needless to say, all I want to do is join my kids in their crying & flee. Moral of the story: I will never take both my children to the mall at the same time ever again.

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