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“Mine!”  This is a word I hear over and over from my 2 year old.  He takes my iPod and declares “Mine!”, the TV remote, his toys, my shoes, anything is fair game.

Usually I say, “No, that is Mama’s and I am sharing it with Aaron.”  Most of the time he just ignores me.  I think the key here is reiterating that the object belongs to me or Daddy and that we are sharing.  I also ask him if he will share the things that are genuinely his with me.  Most of the time he does.

He is also very good about sharing with other kids especially when you ask him to share.  He is so caring too and will offer his favourite lovey if he sees another child crying.

A trick I find that works well is finding a game for the kids to play together, tea party, hide and seek, kick the ball are all games that he loves playing with other kids.

Of course if you have two of something its even better.  My mom got Aaron a set of cheap, small water pistols, there were 5 in the pack for about R25, fill them up and let the kids loose in the garden.  The same goes for buckets and spades, have lots of each and let the kids build castles in the sandpit.

If a fight breaks out over whose toy belongs to who, and if I have to get involved, I always make sure that Aaron gives the other child a kiss and a hug after its been sorted out.  Sometimes he even does so without prompting.

How do you encourage your kids to share?

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