by Laura-kim, single mom, recently divorced with 2 kids and the author of the blog Laura3-150x150Harrased mom

When your child starts Gr 1 it’s a big deal. Actually it’s a huge deal.

It’s the end of an era. Your child is starting their 12 year school career. It’s the start of homework and school camps and tuck shop and projects.

I don’t remember projects in Gr 1. In fact I don’t remember them until like Gr 6 actually. So it was with great shock and horror that I opened my son’s homework book and saw the letter saying “PROJECT”! My mind immediately thought of something simple like “bake a cake” or find a nest! OH NO!

The project was BUILD A SHOE!

WHAT? The child is 7 and been in school for like 6 months. How the hell was he supposed to build a shoe? I am 31 and I have no idea how to build a shoe!

But what do you do? Your child needs to make a shoe, so make a shoe we schoolproj2must! And we did. With a little help from our friends. We made the shoe.

He was dead chuffed with it which really is all that matters. I will admit, I did at times, lots of times, have to stop myself from taking over. I forgot that he is only 7 and isn’t going to get it like I think it should be. While painting I kept taking the brush to make it “neater” but then realized it’s HIS project. HIS shoe. HE has to do it.

I have to say though; I am filled with fear for what the next project is going to be. Where do you go from building a shoe? I have no doubt that I will be letting you all know!

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