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My iPad is a serious, non-salaried team member of my workforce which I would like to be taken seriously in the workplace. However, I must confess that the lure and attraction of the thousands of Children’s apps available was too great a temptation – and now too ingrained in our family time.  In addition to anything-Dr. Seuss which now lives comfortably on my device, these are my Top 5 iPad story apps for children:


Numberlys is an interactive story app from Moonbot Studios which tells the story of the world where only numbers exist. That is until a group of friends decide that there has to be more out there and through trial and error they inadvertently create the alphabet.  This is a favorite with both my 2yr old and 7yr old who can both, for a change, jointly participate in an app.  The interactive parts are all centered around creating new letters in various fun ways.

Available from the Apple App Store.


This interactive bedtime story app has proved to be such a hit with my 2 year old. Surprisingly, the interactivity doesn’t seem to overstimulate him before bedtime but actually calms him down ready for sleep.  It is a very simple story of a farmhouse where the lights need to be turned off in each of the rooms by your child so that the animals can go to sleep. The animation is beautiful and engaging.

Available from the Apple App Store.



I don’t believe there are any little boys who don’t love the Cars movie franchise… This book allows your child to role play as they read by creating their own racing cars which then get to race against Lightning McQueen and Francesco when the story is finished.  The quality is as you have come to know from Disney/Pixar and there is 3D race car customization.

Suitable for ages 4-7.

Available from the Apple App Store.


This is a wonderful Disney Learning interactive storybook best suited for 3-5 year olds.  As your child follows the word-by-word narration they are invited to join in the birthday party planning with all the beloved characters from the Hundred-Acre Wood.

My 2 year old is fascinated by the the puzzles and problem-solving challenges presented throughout the story.

Available from the Apple App Store.


My 7 year old is nuts about dinosaurs – and crazy about this app.  March of the Dinosaurs is an interactive story book based on the NatGeo C

hannel ‘s “Escape of the Dinosaurs” and created with team members who worked on the BBC’s “Walking With Dinosaurs”.  Your child will experience 3D views of most Arctic dinosaurs.  You can follow the story page by page or jump ahead to your favorite sections.  There are loads of detailed fact pages for each species.  This app will grow with your child and even parents will learn something new every time you open the app.

Available from the Apple App Store.

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