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Urgent, urgent! This show runs til 10 May. That’s TOMORROW. BOOK NOW!

Parenting. Not for sissies. Sometimes I think that if I didn’t laugh… I’d cry. And possibly not stop. For a day or two.

Okay, okay…parenting is mostly divine. But occasionally it isn’t and that’s when you need to outsource a night’s childcare, find a pal (or secure the availability of your spouse if you feel like spending an evening with him/her) and pay some money to buy tickets for a show that makes you laugh your ass off.

With a glass of wine before and after.

Like I did. On Wednesday night, at Deep Fried Man Kills, a one-man musical comedy showing at The Fringe at Joburg Theatre.


[Disclaimer: Deep Fried Man and I were briefly ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ in high school. But we were 14. And, while it (he) was Deeply Cute, I feel able to review his show objectively and without overly effusive favour. Promise. Swear.]

Deep Fried Man Kills is opened by Loyiso Madinga. A comedian I’d not only never seen live but also never heard of. He is awesome. Smart, funny, and not one of ‘those’ comedians of colour who spend the whole act showing off how many different white accents they can imitate. I would see him again in a heartbeat.

Then, there is the main attraction, in the form of a musical comedy performance that serves up just my flavour of humour. Ironic. Irreverent. Political. Satirical. Self-effacing. And über-flipping-intelligent.

As DFM himself points out, he should have been a political analyst. (This is a bit of an in-joke – his father is famous SA political scientist Prof. Stephen Friedman).

Be advised, moms and dads: There’s swearing in this show. Lots. And there’s intermittent reference to sex, genitalia and squidgy stuff. But this is not toilet humour.

It’s clever, clever, clever humour. Comedy for grown ups with brains. Set to music. Music you will recognise. (As an aside I’ve been humming DFM’s ‘Oscar Trial’ parody all day, to the tune of Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’…)

Expect some topical high notes that span:

  • Juju and his ‘stylish red beret’
  • Kugels in the queue at Woolies
  • The missing Malaysian plane
  • Cape Town and Capetonians
  • Rap that doesn’t rhyme, and more

In case you’ve been Barnyarding it for the last few years and don’t know who DFM is, here’s a quick summary: He’s a Joburg-based ‘stand-up comedian with a guitar’, known for a wacky and fearless sense of humour, amazing capacity for improv, and the ability to sound fantastic regardless of the musical genre.

Check out (don’t worry; these aren’t show spoilers) DFM’s I Hate Rugby, It’s Complicated and An Idiot’s Guide to Singing the SA National Anthem.

Note: The age restriction of Deep Fried Man Kills is 12. It should be 16. But I strongly suggest you leave the teens at home and enjoy the evening with adult company. You’ll thank me. And get on it. The show closes on 10 May.

7-10 May 2014. The Fringe Theatre at Joburg Theatre. 8pm. Tickets R150.

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