Private schools pupils will be allowed to return to class on 1 February while public schools will open two weeks later.. The latest regulations were published in the Government Gazette on Friday afternoon.

re-opening of schools


At a news briefing on January 15th, the Department of Basic Education announced a delay in the re-opening of public schools  until  February 15th.

Calendar for re-opening of schools: public schools 

  • School management teams report for duty Monday 25th to prepare for the return of teachers
  • Teachers follow Monday 1 February to prepare for return of learners.
  • Learners return on Monday 15 February.

During this time teachers and administrators will prepare the schools and for the placement of students who have not yet been allocated schools

Preschools to re- open in January

ECD centres which fall under the Dept of social development are still scheduled to re- open on January 27th.

Reasons for delay in re-opening of schools

  • Increase in Covid 19 infections and deaths in the country
  • Pressure on the health system.
  • Teachers who have died or become infected.

Communities demanded delay of re-opening of schools

The decision comes after consulting several organisations representing teachers, workers and communities who demanded the postponement of re-opening  of schools until the current escalation in infections subsides.

Protection measures essential

The DOE spokesperson emphasised that this decision has been taken to save lives and that
wearing masks, social distancing and sanitising remain the most effective way to fight this virus.

Online measures and distance learning

“We need to strengthen ICT… If the situation gets worse then e-learning will  take up.. (be prioritised).
“The coronavirus is here with us.. life must go on and ..learning and teaching must continue”

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