The Ministry of Health announced yesterday that a number of COVID-19 confirmed cases had been traced to the Rage Festival that took place recently and declared it a COVID-19 superspreader event.

covid-19 superspreader

In an attempt to curb the spread of the virus nationwide ALL ATTENDEES  & STAFF are urged to :

  • immediately go into  a 10 day quarantine period and to self-isolate
  • ensure they go for a COVID-19 test
  • to download and interact with the COVID-Alert App as part of contact tracing efforts.

The department also called on parents to take their children who have attended Rage for testing as soon as possible.

The Rage 2020 events are hosted annually to celebrate the end of Matriculation. The organisers of Rage Festivals announced that all events planned for 2020 and 2021 have been postponed until further notice after the gathering in Ballito, KZN was identified as a Covid-19 superspreading event.

Covid-19 Superspreader: The Department of Health did not mince its words

“We warn South Africans that this is a clear illustration that large gatherings which involve the consumption of alcohol are a major risk and continue to undermine our efforts to contain the spread of the virus.
Whilst government makes an effort to contain this virus, we now plead with all parents to also exercise their parental prerogative and set boundaries on activities that their children (specifically the youth) can participate in.
It is clear that in these entertainment activities, most participants are not constantly conscious of good behaviour. This means that our youth is not only exposing themselves to the risk of contracting COVID-19, but they also put the lives of their parents, grandparents and other loved ones living with co-morbidities at risk.
We continue to plead with all citizens that each individual’s behaviour will determine whether we conquer in this fight or if the virus continues to defeat our efforts”
For more updates please visit the official coronavirus site here.
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