– A fun-filled animated adventure for the whole family –

As a follow on from Snowtime!, Frankie-Four-Eyes and his team – including Sophie, take on the interesting newcomers – conceited Zac and his athletic cousin Charly, and bring us a story about determination and team work as they plan for the race of a lifetime in their snowy village, in Racetime, coming to cinemas on 12 April 2019.


We are re-visited by characters we have come to know and love, and newcomers Zac and Charly.

In this sequel, the fantastic sled Frankie designs, falls apart right before crossing the finish line. Frankie, who is naturally deeply disappointed, refuses to accept that he might have made a few mistakes when building his sled. He also raises a few questions around the newcomer’s victory.

Together with his friends, he manages to prove that Zac cheated during the race and he demands a rematch; which Zac accepts on condition that Frankie re-builds an entirely new race track.

Once Zac realises what he’s up against, he raises the stakes by coercing Frankie into a bet too – which if lost, will affect Frankie’s entire team.


As the story evolves we see the characters out-witting and surprising each other at every turn which will have you on the edge of your seat as if you were right there with them in the snowy mountains.

This is a great family film that offers the younger viewers some great life lessons and older viewers humourous anecdotes of the hilarious dynamics associated with a team operating under pressure. 

Racetime opens in cinemas, nationwide on 12 April 2019. 

Classification: PGLV

Running time: 82 min

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