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Review by Joy Dembo, married with a 21 yr old son, 29 yr old daughter &  a 9  mnth old grandson. Recruitment Response Handling Consultant and Freelance Copywriter, vegetarian and animal lover. 

My first impression of RIPD was that it was a “Men in Black” wannabe movie.  Although it doesn’t feature aliens, as such, the department exists in the afterlife and employs deceased police officers to locate and capture spirits known as “Deados”, ie people who have died but have not crossed over, and keep returning to Earth as mischievous and malevolent ghosts, with the ability to transform themselves into scary spectres.

The movie begins with Boston police detective Nick Walker (Played by the gorgeous Ryan Reynolds) burying his share of “dirty gold” that he and his partner, Bobby Hayes, (played by Kevin Bacon) have stolen during a drug bust.  Nick knows that what he has done is wrong but believes he can justify it as he has taken the gold to ensure a better future for himself and his family.  But his conscience gets the better of him and he decides to return the gold. Hayes cannot allow this and murders his partner during a raid, making it look like he was killed in a shootout with criminals.

Nick finds himself hurtling through a vortex towards a bright light, but during his journey he is yanked into the office of R.I.P.D._PosterMildred Proctor, (played by the sexy Mary-Louise Parker) the Boston director of the RIPD. Mildred encourages Nick to join the department by telling him it would be in his interests and might help him avoid a negative final judgment.

His new partner is Roy Pulsipher, (brilliantly played by Jeff Bridges) a hilarious and gregarious ex US Marshall who lived in the 18th Century.

The two return to earth and whilst attending his own funeral, Nick discovers that RIPD Officers are not seen by the living in their original bodies, and to his dismay he has been assigned the body of an old Chinese man, whereas Roy is a sexy blonde!

The partners uncover a plot to reverse the tunnel that transports the dead to the afterlife, and have very little time to stop dead people raining down on earth and causing havoc. They also discover that Hayes is part of this plot and that he is actually a Deado himself.

RIPD is a hilarious adventure which provides a great opportunity to escape from reality and enjoy the nonsensical humour and fun. Add the third dimension, and marvel at the mind-blowing special effects.

Teens and adults will thoroughly enjoy this wonderful new Universal release, featuring a star studded cast, performing at their best!

The film was directed by Robert Schwentke and based on the comic book written by Peter M. Lenkov.

The movie releases on Friday, 04 October at cinemas countrywide and has been classified 10 LVH.

Grab your 3D glasses and enjoy the ride!

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