By Gina Jacobson,  a mom, a leo.  She works for a  non-profit organisation, is a procrastinator, loves sci-fi, sushi, good books and scrabble.Her blog is made up of A Bit of This a Bit of That.

 Before Aaron’s 2nd birthday he didn’t really know what presents were or why you received them.  Now, all that has changed and he routinely asks for a ‘pwessssent’.

Today we were watching one of his favourite TV shows, Peppa Pig, it was Peppa’s birthday and she got a present from her family.  Well, Aaron turned to me and said, “mama, pwessssent, pleeeeeease!”

My heart just broke.  You see he doesn’t understand why he cant have a present whenever he PeppaPig_EBigasks for it and he cries like you are sending him to the gallows.

I certainly do not believe in giving gifts to children (or adults) just willy nilly, he needs to learn that he cant have everything he wants when he wants it.

I try and explain that you only get a present on your birthday or on a special day and its not your birthday or a special day today, but he doesn’t buy that for a second.  Mama is obviously denying him his constitutional right to a pwessssent!

How do you explain to a 2 year old about special days and gifts?  Is it something that he will just grow out of and understand about as he gets older?

I really hate breaking his little heart like that. 

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