Exams 2021: Are you ready? With a blink of an eye, the year is almost over. Academically, a very challenging year, for students as well as teachers, and even parents, adapting to on-line and various different ways of learning and teaching. And, in the face of exams 2021, this could definitely spur on anxiety. 

Undoubtedly, anything can be achieved with sufficient preparation. These on-line and on-site centres are tailored and dedicated to help students achieve long and short term goals, as well as equip them with necessary skills and tools to last a lifetime. Prepare for exams 2021 with: 


  • AGE: grades 1-12
  • WHERE: Online, nationwide
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Test and strengthen learning skills to go beyond exams 2020. BrainRx pinpoints weak cognitive skills, then train and strengthen the cognitive skills the brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, and pay attention. The online, nationwide, individualized, one-on-one cognitive development programs are helping kids remember better, think faster and pay better attention. Enquire now. Enquire now


  • AGE: grades 10- 12
  • WHERE: Online and on-site in Randpark Ridge
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An alternative schooling centre for Grade 10-12 offering both on-site and online schooling. Aims to support parents whose children prefer smaller classrooms and personalized education. Enquire now


exam prep

Enrol in one of FIVE Master Maths & Science centres that will help you make exams 2020 count! Open Mon – Sat at varying times, contact: 

AGES: Maths Gr 4- 12 | Science Gr 10 – 12

DEALS: Save 30% ! See above.

A unique method that makes every student a master! It is progressive and interactive, using animations on a computer to explain specific concepts. Inspired tutors then step in to assist students even further and motivate them to master a concept, so that Maths and Science across all curriculums and levels is a breeze!

Choose to receive tutor assisted lessons onine, or at the centre. Supplemented by the self paced online lessons which you can access at no extra charge for the remainder of 2020.

Maths  Gr 4 – 12.  Core Maths,  Maths Literacy,  upgrades through the IEB, supplementary preparation, Cambridge (IGCSE, AS levels),  NBT preparation.

Physical Science Gr 10 – 12.  Upgrades through the IEB, supplementary preparation

MY CYBERWALL (www.mycyberwall.co.za)

CAPS aligned, award-winning e-learning platform for grades 4 – 7. Interactive content can be used online or downloaded and printed. Ideal resource if your child has gone back to school and needs extra help for exams 2020 or is learning at home. Enquire now


  • AGE: grades 3-7
  • WHERE: online, nationwide
  • WATCH: video
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Know your Brain, Know how to Study for Exams 2020. The program focuses on understanding cognitive strengths and weaknesses, changing study habits, improving retention and saving time. Benefit from online, nationwide one-on-one sessions should you have trouble studying or would like to improve your skills. Enquire now

More exam prep, alternative schools 

Does your kid need a tutor? Tuition services help to get better grades and less anxiety. Find a list of tutors and tuition centres that provide tutors for group and individual extra lessons for kids and teens in Maths, Accounting, English, study skills and any other subject in Gauteng. Visit:

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