by Laura-kim Allmayer, co-founder of Journey2Joy, mom to two little people, compulsive blogger and twitter addict. When she’s not blogging she’s planning baby showers and helping moms prepare for their new babies.

Being pregnant for a third time you would think I would have the hang of it.

Well you would be wrong!

Maybe if my kids were smaller it wouldn’t have been such an adjustment but my youngest is nearly 7 – so I was last pregnant 8 years ago!

Either I have a really bad memory or I blocked it out but I don’t remember it being this rough! It may also have something to do with the fact that I have 2 kids of school going age who require 110% of my time and energy.

When I manage to find the energy to actually sit and be calm I start to panic somewhat. In 6 months I will have THREE CHILDREN! The children will out number the adults! There will be more little people in my house than big people and anyone with kids knows that kids are more determined, have a stronger will that any adult and are able to reduce a grown person to tears in seconds.

Funnily enough as much as I am petrified of newborns that is not what is worrying me so much. What worries me is how I will keep control of three kids. Right now I manage to keep things going day to day – most days I barely manage to gasp for air. I won’t be able to keep doing this. I need an action plan.

I need meals made, extra muruals noted, homework sorted, school needs diarised and kids who remember their school shoes, can brush their teeth without 29 reminders, hand me letters before the morning the cupcakes/costume is needed.

I need Mary Poppins or the Nanny named Fran or someone equally capable of instilling some serious organisation into my life so that I don’t need to grab a brown paper bag every time I think of having THREE kids in the house!

How do you cope? What do you do to keep it all together?

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