By Jacqui Janse van Rensburg who has lived in Johannesburg all her life. In her 42 years she has been a daughter, a sister, a wife, a girlfriend, an employee and is a CFO, but at last she can celebrate being a MOMMY! You can find her on twitter @JaxJvR

I am doing a collection of premmie baby stuff to drop off at the Netcare Hospital that has taken in the 60 premmie babies because of the strike. They need clothes, nappies, bum cream, dummies etc. email me at and we can arrange drop off/collection times, then I am taking it through on Sunday.

What motivated me to do this, my story:

Matthew was born 5 weeks premature. The night before the caesarean, the nurses took me on a tour of the Neo Natal ward, so that when I saw Matthew in the ward, I would be more used to the idea, and fore warn is … How ever the saying goes.

I was horrified, and clutched my bulging tummy as I walked around and saw all those tiny little bodies, looking like little plucked chickens, with tubes, drips, breathing apparatus, their desperate parents sitting next to them, exhausted, but full of love and hope.



I thank God daily that Matthew came out strong and healthy, and didn’t spend any time in the Neo Natal ward, much to the surprise and delight of all in the maternity ward.

So this morning, when I heard on 702 that 60 (SIXTY!!!!!) premmie babies had to be moved from the Helen Joseph hospital because of the strike, my heart broke all over again, and I have been in full drive mode!

The NetCare hospital that has taken in the babies (and their mommies) are not asking for a cent, but would appreciate any donations such as nappies, caps, premmie baby grows, gowns, etc.

So … I am volunteering to be the collection point for anyone that want to donate, and I will deliver to them on Sunday.

Send me an email to and I will let you know where you can drop off your goodies.

With a heavy heart, I ask you to please help me to help these little souls.


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