Birthday parties are meant to be fun, right? Sure, but does this hold true for the mum or dad too? Only you know the amount of planning that goes into creating the perfect day for your kiddo!

We’ve taken the time with our friends over at Jelly Tots as they celebrate their 50th year,  to create the ultimate party planning checklist and put a few tips together for you – just so you can have some fun too! Oooh, we  #LoveyouLotslikeJellyTots!

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Set a budget.

Yes, we know, setting a budget is the least interesting part about throwing a party but it’s possibly the most important. Know what you want, what you can afford and the rest will be easy as pie!

Set a theme. 

Not all parties have to have themes but it sure is fun when they do. Chat with your little one, see what their suggestions are and then enjoy putting together all the themed elements. From unicorns to pirates, superheroes, ballerinas to Jelly tots having a theme is not essential but it  can take it to the next level of awesomeness! You can even ask the little guests to dress up in the theme of the party.

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Set a date, time and venue

Once you know how much you’re willing to outlay, what the theme is (if any) you’ll need to get everyone there. Don’t forget to allow for enough lead time so your guests and their parents can plan their time. If you have the budget it could be fun to send out printed invites but email and Whatsapp work just as well! Don’t forget to include all the important details and ask for dietary requirements/ allergies if necessary.

When choosing a venue, don’t forget to think about:

  • The weather for that time of the year ( indoors or outdoors?)
  • The activities – are they age appropriate? The choices here are mindboggling:
    arts and crafts,  action, baking, disco, science, sports and more..
  • The entertainment also can’t be too scary or hard to understand if your kids are little.
  • At home or an independent venue.  If a  home party grabs you (and you enjoy cleaning up!), there are loads of  mobile party entertainers, otherwise check what entertainment the venue provides.

Be sure to send out invites with enough time for RSVP’s plus very clear info of the date, time, venue and anything else, like bring bathing costumes or dressing up as a superhero, for example!

Feed the masses

What’s a party without snacks and treats? While we know Jelly Tots will be your first port of call when it comes to party treats don’t forget to bake a birthday cake, have a few savoury options and you’ll want to feed the parents too! Plan ahead and prepare everything the day or morning before to save yourself time.

Make sure your birthday girl/boy is ready to rock

If you think planning a party is overwhelming, imagine what it must be like to be the star of the show. Parties can be overwhelming for your little one so be sure to talk them through the day and let them know what to expect.

Did we forget anything?

So if you’re planning a party, keep this checklist to make sure you don’t miss a thing.  Good luck and please  tag us #LoveyouLotslikeJellyTots so we can share in the fun!

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