by Janine Giannini, mom to two beautiful daughters Michela and Gabriella  and owner of Moments and Memories Photographic Studio. She’s passionate about newborn baby shoots

I remember when both my little girls were born I constantly had a camera out capturing all the moments I could even when they were fast asleep, those beautiful angelic little faces. Even now my camera isn’t far away. They just grow up and change so fast it is scary; I can never have too many photographs to look back on.

I have so many clients and friends asking me for tips on how to take better photographs. Although professional photos can be great, I know as a busy mom it’s not always possible or practical to organize these shoots, besides the spontaneous shots at home and on holiday are special moments you can’t afford to not have pictures of.

Here are some tips so that you can record some of your own beautiful newborn photos in the comfort of your own home.



  • Find a room with good natural sun light that shines through a large window.
  • Generally mid morning light would be the best time, offering a soft and rounded light.
  • Mid afternoon light tends to be too harsh which can also create harsh shadows. Mid morning is usually a good time for mom and baby as well, as  in the late afternoons mom and baby can tend to be tired and a little “niggly” after the days activities.
  • The room needs to be at an optimal temperature, especially when doing shots without clothes on. Newborns can get cold very easily very quickly, so it is advisable to heat the room before the shoot if necessary. I would suggest the room needs to be at least 25 degrees if not a little more for baby to be comfortable without clothes.
  • Work around the routine and needs of baby. Feed and settle baby before taking photos.
  • Have all that you need ready before taking photos, spare wipes, nappy, that special teddy.
  • Placing baby on his or her special blanket or pretty cushion always makes for a lovely picture.
  • Make sure the background is uncluttered.

When taking photographs of baby don’t be afraid to try different angles, outfits, or baby lying in different positions. To vary your images try a few of the following:  lay baby in a softly padded basket, on some cushions covered with a soft fluffy blanket, white always works well however soft pink for girls or blue for boys is a nice way to add a little colour. You can also photograph baby on their back and on their tummy. Don’t forget to take close up pics of your little ones hands and feet, they are only this tiny and wrinkled for a short while.

Sometimes I love to get my girls all dressed up and clean to take some pictures, much to their dismay, but I always keep a little camera in my bag…. often the perfect camera moments are when you least expect it.

Happy snapping!

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