Pamper parties are all the fuss these days. Ooing and cooing over nail colour, dreamy eyed and droopy smiled, contented over a back massage –  girls just want to be girls!

Why pamper parties?

While the word Spa immediately hints time-out and relaxation, a sparty definitely impresses ‘chill time with my besties!’ Indulging in a pamper party hits the nail on the head if you consider:

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

A sparty encourages grooming from a tender age- not because looks are so important but because our bodies are our temples. Taking the time to groom shows gratitude for this special gift – our bodies.

Just Chill!

It goes without saying that even kids experience some sort of stress today. An occasional pamper party allows kids to appreciate some time out from the run around between tuition, and sports schedules.

It’s BFF haven!

Sparties make for great bonding time, in a relaxing environment. It’s where besties become BFFs, where girls find common ground and just enjoy each others company!

Imaginitive play – all glammed up and safe

For generations before, little girls would play dress-up. Wearing mummy’s shoes, slipping on a ballgown, even sneaking a bottle of nail-polish to paint the dolls nails! Pamper parties are all about imaginative play – in a safe, secure environment. Most pamper party providers would only use age appropriate products, ensuring your kid is protected from harsh chemicals.

The Fairy Tale Ending

Girls will always be girls. With dreamy fairy tale wishes, and royal fantasies. So, unless you are throwing a royal ball, nothing could bring the princess feel more than a pamper party!

What should ideal pamper parties include?

Selecting treatments for your little girls is not that tricky.

  1. A mani and pedi of course! Treating hands and feet not only cleanses the grub but also improves circulation. Glam up with a colour paint or a natural shine to boost the self-esteem too.
  2. A back or neck massage – or both! Girls will feel totally rejuvenated as the those exam tensions and backpack weights are pressed away.
  3. Facials – teenagers especially will appreciate expert advice and treatment for the breakouts.
  4. Healthy snacks – You are what you eat. Encourage body awareness and healthy eating habits by laying out a spread of good food – cucumbers, carrots, vegetable juices, power smoothies and the like.

Trick or Treat – Pamper Party at Life Day Spa

Treat of course! While we are over cautious about keeping our kids away from vanity and being wasteful, a sparty provides room for us to teach our kids to love themselves, and to take the best care of themselves. It makes for a memorable day with besties – just having fun.

This October, be sure to indulge in the Trick or Treat special at Life Day Spa Kids

Dress up in your Halloween Costume and enjoy 2 hours of:

  • Jacuzzi Session
  • Mini Facial
  • Back, neck and shoulder massage
  • Mani or Pedi with Halloween Nail Art
  • High tea and Hallloween Treats

Available on October 27th only, at Life Day Spa Kids Fourways. Mums and Aunts welcome too!

Call on 011 465 7777 or  Email now

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