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How many of us have family overseas?  Quite a few I’m sure.  My sister-in-law and her husband moved to Australia shortly after they were married.  A few years after that they fell pregnant.  The first grandchild on my husbands side of the family.  It was very exciting.  When our niece was born my mother-in-law went over for a few weeks to help out and to meet her first

Then we fell pregnant and suddenly the reality of having family overseas hit… our child was not going to grow up with his cousin.


Last September the family came out and we all went on a holiday to Umhlanga for a week.  That was the first time the cousins met.  They were so young they won’t remember it and the chances of being able to go to them to visit are slim, even slimmer of them coming to visit us again.

Last week their second daughter came into the world.  I ache for the fact that our children wont really know each other.  That they wont get to play and get into trouble together or go to school together.

My brother is living in Israel, he has been there for over five years.  He has a whole life that I know nothing about.  A job and an apartment.  A girlfriend I have never met.  He cooks and cleans.  He is now in the Army.  He has suddenly grown up and I was not there to see it.  I miss him like crazy.

This is our reality.  Families that would once have been in each others pockets are spread far and wide.  Thank heavens for applications like Skype and Facebook.  Its not the same as real life face-to-face interaction but it will have to do.

One of these days we might be the family that has moved away and the family we leave behind will feel the way I do now.  I just hope that day doesn’t come too soon.

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