merle-kids-GermanyJunJul09-019-150x150-150x150by Merle Dieterich, passionate mom and businesswoman whose 2 beautiful children, Lerato and Marvin never cease to amaze and teach her about what counts. You’ll find her at  jozikids or kznkids

When my daughter asked for a disco party for her 13th, my heart sank. I had visions of lights, music, darkness and who knows what. So the search began for a disco party organiser that could  satisfy my daughter and myself. It didn’t take long to find Jayson from Beat Parties with the perfect party.

His team arrived an hour early to set up with lights, speakers and all the other dj gear. They created this incredible atmosphere which welcomed all the young guests.


After some gentle introductory music  and a bit of dancing,  the games began.  There was the Harlem Shake,  dance competitions,  hula hoops,  protect the beakers and dancing under a rope as low as possible.

hoola hoop beat parties 2

There were  prizes (like luminous bunny ears)  for the winners and time for free dancing in between.

disco games beat parties

Throughout the bopping  and playing Jayson and his team were  there to supervise  and strike the perfect balance between playfullness and a structured program.  Mom and dad could relax and entertain the other parents.

In the words of the kids, it was “awesome” “a blast”the talk of the town for weeks.  I was a relieved happy mum and my daughter was over the moon about it.

Thank you Beat Parties for an incredibly successful party.

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