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Here is an account of what homeschooling has done for our family.

Gone are the rushed mornings, the shouting in the early hours of “get dressed”, “eat your breakfast” and “have you got everything in your bag?”  I do still make sure that the girls are in bed on time, but they get to wake up when they are finished sleeping, which is early enough.  No grumpy tired faces, only smiles.  On a typical morning we all sit together around the breakfast table and talk to each other over breakfast – something that there was never time for in the past.  Quality time has brought each one of us closer together.  Then after washing and dressing we go upstairs and begin school.  The start of school is usually with a Bible reading and prayer – precious moments are when you hear the concerns, needs and love that come from your children’s heartfelt prayers.  Many of our lessons we do, in summer are under a tree outside.  The beauty of homeschooling is that you can do school pretty much anywhere, including a doctor’s waiting room, in the car, at Grannies dining room table and the botanical gardens.



Being more involved in my children’s education has me seeing learning opportunities wherever we go.  We stop on a wooden bridge to study the chrysalis of a butterfly and wonder what it will look like when it leaves.  We also do a lot of written work; English, Afrikaans, Mathematics and each hold their own challenges.  I must say that I have many “light bulb” moments as I “get it” the second time round!

I remember the days of fetching 2 exhausted children from school, getting into the car and listening to them take the days frustrations out on each other.  It is very seldom now that they have a disagreement, but never a fight.

We, as parents, have had our share of doubt aimed at us as a result of our choice to homeschool our children, even my ability to teach them.  Loving my children and wanting them to be the best they were created to be, gives me the drive and discipline it takes to making their education a success.  The change in my girls, the confidence they now show has been pleasantly surprising to many and their doubts are slipping away rapidly.

My children are no longer self-absorbed; they think of others and are compassionate and kind, always ready to lend a helping hand and really pleasant to be around.  I feel blessed as a mother and feel privileged to be able to spend this time of growth with my girls and not look back with regret at time that has gone by.

I realize that this decision is not for every family, but in the two and a half years that we have been homeschooling, the benefits have been immense and I encourage you to explore this option.

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