Joy DemboReview by Joy Dembo, married with a 21 yr old son, 29 yr old daughter &  a  mnth old grandson. Recruitment Response Handling Consultant and Freelance Copywriter, vegetarian and animal lover. 

It’s the year 2077 and 60 years have passed since the alien Scavengers attacked the Earth and caused havoc, resulting in severe damage to the planet and the destruction of earth’s moon. Life as we know it is no longer sustainable on Earth and the surviving Earthlings have relocated to the Planet Titan.

Technician number 49,  Jack Harper (Played by Tom Cruise),  is one of the last few people who still visits Earth to ensure that the remaining resources are extracted and maintain the drones that protect the temporary space station where humans are controlling these operations.  He and his communications officer, Victoria, live in one of the work towers hovering above the earth.  Both have had all memory of their former oblivionlives erased to protect them if captured and interrogated.

Jack and Victoria have 2 weeks left on their mission before they join the rest of civilisation on Titan. Jack is troubled as he has been having flashbacks of a woman and the Empire State Building before the invasion of the “Scavs” but says nothing to Victoria, who is in love with him.

And then….  A spaceship named the Odyssey crashes onto the surface of the Earth and Jack goes to investigate and what he finds leads to a series of events which lead him to believe that things are not as they seem!

The movie is exciting, funny and heartwarming and the plot is very clever!

The effects are breathtaking and the movie features an amazing cast, which includes Morgan Freeman. The movie was written and directed by Joseph Kosinski.

Being the Sc-fi, Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman junkie that I am, I absolutely loved this show!

The movie is classified 10 LV, and isn’t for the very young, but the tweenies and teens will enjoy it, as will adult sci-fi fans.

The film was released on 19 April at theatres countrywide.

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