]by Merle Dieterich, passionate mom and businesswoman whose 2 beautiful children, Lerato and Marvin never cease to amaze and teach her about what counts. You’ll find her at  jozikids.co.za

My son turned 14 this month and wanted a ( sure you’ll never guess) dreaded “disco party”of course. So of course I went in search of something appropriate on the party themes section of Jozikids and  found Candice from Superstar Disco Parties. Her offer was perfect. She promised a party which combines supervised party games, music, singing, dancing with her as DJ and MC and we weren’t disappointed.

First she created these fabulous customised invitations for Marvin which he folded into small scrolls and handed out to his friends creating a buzz a few weeks before the event.

Candice arrived on party day loaded with speakers, sound
equipment and the works which the boys helped her set up.
Then the dancing and games began with the girls and boys
competing, singing, moving and grooving.

The birthday boy was then given a lesson on how to be a
DJ and loads of fun was had by all.

By the time the parents arrived to fetch their offspring there was
no doubt that  everyone was ready for bed.  Thank you Candice for
helping to create a memorable night for my son’s 14th birthday.

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