11092148_10152781864231776_8363707921082233975_nby Steve Brimelow,  journalist,  a work & play at home  divorced dad of 2 boys, photographer,  bad pianist,  experimental chef, Youtube video blogger still enjoying his childhood.

My son Felix is about  7 months away from his 7th birthday but already he’s making birthday invites and writing his classmates names on bits of paper.

The other day I saw him writing  the name  Joe on this piece of paper.

JoeI asked him who Joe was, coz there’s no Joe in his class, and he said “Dad, you know Joe the ice cream man outside the school!”

What a brilliant idea! I think all parents should be aware that inviting the school ice cream seller is a kids dream party invite. And I’m sure these informal sellers will agree 🙂

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icecream seller