by Rachel Edelstein who is  9 years old  in Grade 4 at King David Victory Park. She loves drama and dancing and plays the violin and piano.


I think My Mom is probably the coolest Mom on earth!

She is funny, cuddly, caring, the ultimate businesswomen, strange and a million things more.  Whether you’re happy, laughing, feeling blue or any other emotion my Mom is the best.

She’s not just my mom but my best friend too. No matter where we are in the world we’ll always end up canning ourselves laughing.So much of my life is laughing with my Mom.

My Mom teaches me valuable life lessons and how to be a successful businesswoman too. I always say to her it’s so weird seeing you doing conferences for lots of people and then looking at you another time and seeing just my Mommy.  Then again it makes me feel so proud! I hope when I am her age I will be just like her! 

She has taught me how to do public speaking without being shy, how to make lots of little creative things and how to have a love of music and writing. Once my Mom even took me with her to the SABC and I ended up having my own radio interview.

When I was younger I always used to think: how adults have so many more days to celebrate eg.( birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers day and Fathers day.) while we (kids) only get birthdays! But then I think again and say to myself  it’s because they work so hard cooking for us, taking us to friends, extra murals and more. So G-d decided to give Moms a break and to me that’s why we celebrate Mothers’ day. I love you Mommy and Happy Mothers day or as I like to call it Mommy’s Day

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