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We have recently had a few weeks of major Jewish Holydays and this has made me think more about how active we are as a family in our religion.

I deeply admire the women who bring their two or three month old babies to service every week as personally, I just couldn’t do it.  Taking Aaron out at that age freaked me out too much and I was also too anxious that he would cry and disturb everyone else.

We got into the habit of not attending regular services and now I wonder if I made a mistake.  We took Aaron to the Rosh Hashanah (New Year) service this year and he was mostly ok, he wanted to be with his daddy and after a while got a bit bored and they landed up playing in the playground.  Aaron did get a kick out of the chocolate the Rabbi handed out to all the kids at the end though.  The next day we took him again and I spent most of the service playing outside with him.

I feel on the one hand that perhaps we should have exposed him earlier on to the concept of going to shul but on the other hand I feel confident that the more we go from now on the more he will come to enjoy going with us.

I think this is the biggest change I will make this year, I will endeavor to take my whole family to the Friday night service at least two or three times a month.  It can only benefit all of us and hopefully my little boy will grow up loving his religion and seeing it as something to be enjoyed with the whole family.

How do  other families, of any religion,  involve their little ones in religious practices?  I would love to hear about your experiences or your views on the matter.

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