by Joy Robyn Dembo, married, with an 18 year old son and a 25 year old daughter.  Addicted to the www, particularly Twitter. Recruitment Response Handling Consultant and Freelance Copywriter, vegetarian and animal lover.  

I was totally exhausted and exasperated after constantly begging my son to study for his Matric exams!  So, when 25 November finally dawned, I was dizzy with elation…Ryan was about to write his absolute FINAL “final”.

When he got home, I sighed with relief, and helped him pack for his first holiday.  Like all spoilt brats, he was off on Matric Rage (much like the US Spring Break).  Ryan and his buddies (all 6000 of them) were going to rock (wreck?) Umhlanga for two weeks, and then return to base (aka home) for a few days, before jetting off to Cape Town for another two week holiday.  I know… life is hard for a Jozi teenager!

I had mixed emotions. I knew I would miss him like hell, but I was also looking forward to having a break from the insanity of exams, registering at college, buying “stuff” for his holiday, booking flights, forking out money…forking out money… and did I mention FORKING OUT MONEY?

Credit: circleofmoms.com

Credit: circleofmoms.com

Umhlanga wasn’t too bad, as we were also in the Zulu Kingdom for the first week of his stay, and we even saw him ONCE, when he needed a temporary place to “hang out” (long story), but Cape Town was horrendous.  Each day, I missed him more.  And, when the IEB Matric results came out, and he passed with a University Entrance, I was mortified that I couldn’t hug him and congratulate him, in person.

05 January finally arrived, and as my eyes opened, all I could think about was “My Baby is coming home today”.  I told everyone who would listen, including my Twitter buddies, my dogs, and the budgie!

We got to the airport early, had a bite, and when we saw that his flight had landed, we flew (what a marvellous pun) to the domestic Arrivals Terminal. As he emerged through the electronic doors, I sprinted over to meet him, and hugged and kissed him with all the emotion that had been welling up inside me while he was away.

I went to bed happy.

I had told him that he had to get up early on Wednesday morning as we had bought him a new TV, as a “passing Matric gift” and the guy was coming to install it at 10:30.  After begging him to get up about 8 times, I lost my cool and threw a tantrum.  I was told to “chill” and “stop shouting”.  GRRRRRRRRR!  I was beginning to wonder whether I was on drugs when I bought him the TV!?

He finally came downstairs, cleaned out the fridge, politely dumped all his dirty dishes in the sink, left the tomato sauce, cheese, salad dressing and a large assortment of other condiments on the table, and parked himself in front of the TV to watch the cricket. He then had a bath, left the bathtub filthy, and dropped his towel on the floor.  The coup de grace came when he opened his case, filled with dirty, foul smelling clothes and left it on MY bed!

Thankfully, it’s only 364 days until he goes back to Cape Town, for College Vac!!!

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