By Dalene Muller, happily married, full time working mom of two boys, 15 and 18.

From my experience and speaking to other parents, Matric Dance can cost you around R15,000 if you are lucky, and that’s for the boys!

Can you remember the excitement of your Matric Farewell!? 12 years leading up to that one special night. A night to remember! Forget about the suit being hired – it doesn’t come out in that midnight blue that so and so wore to the Grammy Awards, so it needs to be bought.  You’ll have to drive your son to try on his suit before and after they tailored it and again after they steamed it. And let’s not forget the car that you need to hire because for the two minutes that it takes your son and his date to arrive at the venue, it just has to be the coolest car ever. Never mind that his friends are inside or still arriving and don’t even see the car he arrives in. Thank you social media that was not a total waste of money. The photographer, ching, the pre-drinks ka-ching, party bus, ka-ching, ka- ching and the list goes on and on.

Then finally the early hour wake up call, not that you have even slept because you were too busy tracking him on his phone, “Hi mom we are at MacD’s, come fetch us”.

Was it all worth it? Hell yes!! That look on his face, the sudden realization that your son has gone from your baby boy to a man. Yes, it is all worth it. Money, what money, it’s only money.

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