Shannon Walbran wrote these DIY Kids columns but now works full time as a Spirit Guide interpreter, on the radio and TV, bringing people angelic messages.

Today’s project is for those of us who love teeny-tiny cute things.

Cut a little bear or gingerbread man out of brown felt, and then create a bed for him inside a matchbox.  Perfect to carry to school in a pocket.


What You’ll Need:

  • A matchbox
  • Scrap felt
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors (sharp)
  • A needle and thread (optional)

Step 1:

Cut a white rectangle the size of the bottom of the matchbox.  This is the mattress.

Step 2:

Cut a small rectangular piece of colored felt for a pillow (yellow, here) and another larger one for a duvet (pink).

Step 3:

Cut out the shape of a bear or a gingerbread man from brown felt.  Make sure it fits inside the matchbox (you might have to trim the legs or arms.

Step 4 (optional):

You can sew on eyes and a mouth.  I just did one simple straight white stitch for each eye, as if the doll is sleeping.  The mouth is a small series of red stitches.

If you sew, you can cut a small, head-shaped piece of brown felt and glue it onto the back of his head so that your knots don’t show.

Step 5:

Tuck your little doll into bed!

Here you can see him through a magnifying glass.  How tiny and sweet!

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