Massage therapy, they say, keeps the doctor away!

Mothers, like flu warriors, do everything in their power to combat the sniffles and rising body temperatures.  By now, we’ve heard and tried it all – herbal remedies, flu potions, flu cocktails, chest rubs, and the unnerving daily mantra: “Are you wearing a vest?”, “Please cover your ears!”, “Socks on, and jacket zipped?”

Apart from vitamins and kitting the kids in flu armour, good massage therapy has proven to be effective in warding off the flu and building the immune system too. Here’s four reasons why:

A Good Night’s Sleep

As you quickly drift into a restful sleep after a relaxing massage therapy, your body and mind are conditioned to function properly, fighting away unwanted germs.

Improved Circulation

Loving your body means regular massage therapy. This nourishing movement of blood and fluids is more likely to flush away and destroy harmful waste.

Regulated BP and Oxygen Flow

Another zit? Stress? Regular massage therapy not only decreases the likelihood of both these nuisances, but also regulates blood pressure and increases the flow of oxygen throughout the body. No more zit. No more headache. No more flu.

“A Tishoo, A Tishoo – We All Fall Down”.

Not if you treat your kid to a head, neck and shoulder massage. The increased circulation in these areas specifically targets the dreaded sinus symptoms, opening up nasal and chest passages. Whola! Inhale the scent of roses!

Love your kid enough to indulge in an extra treat this Winter.

Slide down the rabbit hole with Life Day Spa at the Mad Hatters Tea on July 6th, to unearth the flu with a delicious spoil.

Dress up as your favourite Wonderland character and feel rejuvenated in the magic:

  • Fancy nails – mani and pedi
  • Neck, back & shoulder massage
  • Tea Party with an assortment of sweet and savory treats
  • Hair chalk/ spray
  • Face painting

OR take advantage of this Winter Warmer Deal for the month of July
Only R420 per child for Full Body Massage, Mini Fizz Ball, Manicure/ Pedicure with Snowflake Nail Art OR MiniHydrate Facial. Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows. Book 3 or more friends and get a free gift.

Book now at Life Day Spa Kids in Fourways.

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