about_us_merle-150x120by Merle Dieterich, passionate mom and businesswoman whose 2 beautiful children, Lerato and Marvin never cease to amaze and teach her about what counts. You’ll find her at  jozikids.co.za

My families response to Mandela’s call to spend 67 minutes helping others on his birthday was to join a friend who invited us to go with them to Quakazani Primary School in Orange Farm. We went laden with children’s books  for the library,  games,  hot chocolate and sandwiches.

We were shocked to find a library containing mainly tattered old text books and empty shelves. Our books barely filled one of  the  shelves.

Then we unpacked a collection of very simple fun games which we spent the morning playing.


Our  kids taught other children how to play  UNO, the card game we had brought.

We played  snakes & ladders,  building towers with cards, 4 in a row. There was storytelling,  colouring in, some netball and soccer while some of the adults started helping to document the books we had brought for the library.

It was a wonderful way of bringing these children from such different worlds together to share and play. Thank you Madiba and happy birthday.

What did you do with your children on Mandela day? We would love to hear your stories.

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