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I won’t sit here and attempt to write about your virtues. I wouldn’t wish that task on anyone. Because even the most skilled writer is going to struggle. The words don’t seem to do you justice really.

I was too young. I didn’t understand the enormity of what we were going through back then. I remember people being scared. And confused.

I remember this man.

You, this ray of hope.

You were going to lead us down this road. And we were going to follow you.

Like the smell of SPF20, Timothy Traddle and Mnet Open Time. You really were a part of me growing up. You’re tightly woven into the heartbeat of my South Africa. It wouldn’t make sense without you. I mean, the soccer World Cup only felt real once you showed up.

You know… there’s not a heart in this country that you haven’t touched.

I like knowing you’re around.

Like a grandfather, sitting on the stoep. Keeping an eye on all us unruly, neighbourhood kids. Smiling when we get on. Worrying when we fall and scrape our hands and quietly scolding us when we trip each other up.

I know you won’t see this. And I know it doesn’t really matter what some 23 year old girl in Cape Town thinks. I know you don’t need my approval. You don’t need me to say well done. You’ve done us proud. You deserve a break and you’ve done all that we asked and more.

It’s just that I sat in my car yesterday and heard you’re in hospital. I know it’s just routine tests. But my heart dropped. I told my friend that I’d cry buckets if something happened. She said she would as well. We’re softies this way.

Although when it comes to you. I think everyone’s just a giant marshmallow inside.

And maybe this post is a bit silly. But I realised that I had to ask.

I have one more favour Madiba.

Yes. It’s a selfish one.

But I want my grand-kids to see you. I don’t want to have to try and explain all that you are and all that you mean to us, out of the pages of some history book.

I’d actually just like it, if you could live forever.


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