By Josias Dos Moleele – Artstrepreneur and Entertrainer who turns his talent into revenue. 

By now we are familiar with the term Lockdown. It is on everyone’s lips. If it was in the ancient days, children who are born in this period will be named after various keywords. NomaLockdown; Locki, Locko, Cororo; Virina; and more… But who is a Lockdown Dad?

Well for starters, the term lockdown has a very negative connotation. Just the mere expression of the word lockdown; tied to another explosive word named daddy makes it an interesting semiotic journey of meaning. Either these daddies are having a time of their lives or serving time in the new-normal prison.

My Lockdown Story

Well, I am a Lockdown Dad and I am proud of it. For me Lockdown daddies are no different from other daddies who are in touch with their “Daddyism” side. We are not afraid of our kids and they find us pleasant too (at least that’s what we convinced ourselves to believe). Was it always like that?

Every case is different; but mine was just a continuation of the usual. I am a creative writer and director and that means spending time working from home. When lockdown really locked us down, I was not afraid because I have changed many diapers before and as a result earned my stripes. I have thoroughly bathed, oiled and powdered all of my baby’s bottoms starting from my eldest daughter who is now 18 and my son who is now 14 to the last ‘laatlammetjie’ who is turning 3 on the 30th June.

So how do you become a successful Lockdown Dad?

By following the below 5 simple steps, you might earn yourself a new title of a Lockdown daddy.

1. Love your kids as you love your work – As much as you have a deadline for that project, your child needs to be your other project.

2. Create a routine – Every daddy has his own process but it’s important to follow it religiously. Even though you don’t feel like it, get up and follow your own rules. Remember: survivor crew is watching. Put your daily routine plan on the fridge door for every tribe member to see.

3. Separate chores from entertainment It’s important for your kids to know when they are working and when they get rewarded for their hard work with some entertainment time. (Movies are always good but playing soccer or table tennis is also a win).

4. Learn new techniques from all technological gadgets – Your kids love teaching you new tricks. Trust me it makes them feel ‘Boss’. My son teaches me how to operate Instagram while my eldest daughter coaches me on how to take amazing pics. My youngest daughter teaches me to have patience.

5. Let it rain with gifts – Using a few gifts like chocolate or more chocolate, that you bought at the store earlier, will turn you into an instant hero with a mask. Of course, these must be given as rewards for a multiple of good deeds. Negative behavior cannot be rewarded, and don’t ever use gifts to drive away your own guilt for reprimanding them.

This is one time I can say, you can try this at home.

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