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Unleash the magic within your child! Every kid is unique, and has the ability to reach for his/her dream.   As parents from  a different era, on a journey ourselves, we often find ourselves overwhelmed with all that is going on. Fortunately,  we can lean on life coaching, therapy and counselling to help us understand our kids emotions, special needs, motivate our teens, and more. 


  • AGE: School 2yrs – 10yrs 
  • WHERE: Randburg | Online courses for parents
  • DEAL: Free Autism training for parents
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The specialist in specialised needs! Online and on-site schooling, training and therapy for Autism, ADHD/ADD, speech delays or communication challenges. Get FREE Autism training assisting parents to create a home school, learning about and dealing with behaviours and home activities to encourage development. Register now


  • AGE: 6yrs +
  • WHERE: Online
  • DEAL: 10% off on a baseline cognitive test
  • WATCH Video
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Train your kids brain to remember better, focus more and think faster with the individualized, one-on-one cognitive development program. It’s not about smart children, it’s about happy children with the confidence to learn and pursue their dreams. Whether you have an average, gifted or struggling child, start a conversation with the experts TODAY. Enquire now


  • AGE: 12yrs – 16yrs
  • WHERE: Online Feb – Apr 2021
  • DEAL: 20% off early registrations for a 3 month course
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Just for teens! A 3 month online programme empowering teens with knowledge and skills for daily living and preparing for the unpredictable future. Learn goal-setting, decision making, problem solving, communication, healthy lifestyles & relationships, nutrition, personal safety, digital citizenship, entrepreneurial mindset, experiential learning, etc. Enquire now


  • AGE: 16yrs +
  • WHERE: Melville
  • DEAL: 20% off 6 sessions of life coaching
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Let’s get that teen started! In just 6-12 sessions of resilience life coaching your teen will be motivated, energetic, focussed and on top of his schooling game. Experienced life coach, Adam Botha, will help your teen build self esteem and mindfulness. Start now – make a conscious effort towards routine, productivity and being your best self. It’s Epic! Enquire now


Life coaching for everyone! Magic Blox EQ courses equip children, teens, special needs, teachers, parents and therapists with practical Emotional Intelligence skills and tools to lead confident, independent, connected, creative, happy, mindful lives. EQ courses include 5 interactive life coaching sessions. Sessions are in-person or online. Enquire now


life coaching, counselling

  • AGE: 5yrs – 18yrs
  • WHERE: Online
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life coaching programme that empowers kids to become leaders of their own lives and much more. Kids can also join the Learn to read with Coach LULU program, Study skills program or thrive with the Zen Kids programme. These animated programs help kids manage stress and build resilience – each program focuses on a diffferent life skill. Enquire now

More life coaching, therapy, reading skills and extra lessons

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