LEGO® Build Your Own Adventure.

Eastgate Shopping Centre is excited to bring you unique interactive LEGO games for kids. Are you up for the challenge?

Families: You are invited to take part in the LEGO Build Your Own Adventure

At: Strelitzia court, Eastgate Shopping Centre

On: 14 Dec 2018 – 6 Jan 2019

At: 10am – 9pm daily, excluding Sundays and public holidays.

Lego Games Activation Entrance Eastgate Shopping Centre

The LEGO Build Your Own Adventure will include plenty of LEGO games, divided into different zones. Spoilt with choice for the LEGO enthusiasts, these zones include the Speed Build game, LEGO Friends Playhouse, Duplo Section, Mountain Police Area, and the Arctic City.

SPEED BUILD AREA – for the fast minded

Tick tock ..can you build against the clock? Build your LEGO games set the fastest and get your name on top of the leaderboard to win fantastic prizes.

MOUNTAIN POLICE AREA – for little citizens

Hands- Up! Help the mountain police catch the bad guys. This fun and physically interactive challenge involves building a ‘fire’ from LEGO bricks until it touches the string on top, only to move onto the next LEGO games challenge. Little heroes who have helped the mountain police catch the bad guys, can proudly take a  picture in front of the photo opportunity wall and take home a police badge of honour, stickers and a sticker page.

Lego Games Activation Eastgate Shopping Centre

LEGO FRIENDS and DUPLO AREA – for little girls and 2-5 yrs old

Creativity at its best. The LEGO Friends and Duplo areas are free play areas where children can unleash their imagination and create their own masterpieces.

Watch little girls, (and some big ones too) get carried away by fantasy tales as they play in  the latest LEGO Friends playhouse. The Duplo section is where 2-5 yr olds can spend hours building with Duplo bricks in the pit, and claiming some LEGO games fame on the build- your- name wall.

ARCTIC CITY – Biggest free play area for all

Get lost in a world of LEGO games in the giant inflatable igloo. Climb inside and have fun building, breaking and re-building in the big LEGO brick pit in the centre of the igloo. Just chill, Mum!

Plenty of seating area available for parents to sit while their little ones build their own LEGO games adventures. So, get ready to watch your little ones become young architects at your favourite shopping centre.

Your shopping world in one.

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